We care a lot about the material we use to make our products and the impact they have on our environment. Find out more below on how our products are made.


Our cotton and linen fabric by the meter are hand woven on traditional wooden looms, which reduces the carbon footprint and are extremely sustainable to produce.
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Our Rugs are handwoven in Jaipur
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Alice designs all the prints in a playful and naive style. These are then screen printed onto 100% natural fabrics by a small team in Jaipur, India. The method means there are always minor imperfections giving the clothes a unique hand crafted, organic feel. 

We are sourcing as much organic cotton as we can to help support regenerative farming practices and to reduce harmful pesticides. 


A lot of the fabric used to make our Winter 2020 range is made from post consumer waste recycled cotton.

Recycled Cotton - We have found this brilliant team down in southern India who hand weave recycled cotton fabric. They shred post-industrial and post-consumer waste cotton, spin it into new yarn before hand weaving into the beautiful fabrics found within our new collection. We hope you love it as much as we do!