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For enquiries, please email us at: for clothing enquiries & for homeware enquiries


We understand that when a product isn't as you are expecting, then this can be frustrating. 

There is usually a perfectly innocent explanation and we are more than happy to help, so please take a deep breath and email us in a polite manner. We are a really small business, and there are just two of us, myself, Alice, and Olivia sending out the orders, dealing with the admin and doing everything else and sometimes mistakes happen, and for example, usually if the parcel is late, then the postman/woman has tried delivering it and not left a note!

We look over everything before sending it out, but sometimes things can be missed -  we are only human.

Everything is printed and stitched by real people who sometimes make mistakes, i.e. Sew in a pocket or don't open a button whole or leave a bit of blue chalk under the buttons (this washes off) .

We have all your tracking numbers and can track a parcel straight away. It is very, very rare that we have forgotten to send it. 

We really take a lot of pride in our customer service so we will try and do everything we can to make sure you have a great experience when shopping with us. 

Thank you!

Alice and team H&B