Welcome to our H&B rugs range 

 Our rugs are 100% Cotton Hand Woven Dhurrie Rug in the classic Humphries and Begg bold print designs.

Alice's original rug design in her sketchbook

Please read the information below on how to look after and care for your rugs

Please wash your rugs carefully and gently and remember that they are hand woven natural fibres. We recommend dealing with each stain and mark individually depending on the type and size of stain and the size of the rug. 

A mini rug or a runner should fit in your washing machine and so for overall general grime and dirt we would recommend popping them in the machine on a cold wash with minimal detergent and leaving to dry naturally. 
Larger rugs can be given a general cool wash in the bath with a small amount of detergent and also left to dry flat naturally.
If you have a specific stain you could use a carpet cleaner that you froth up, sponge on, leave to dry and vacuum off.
If you’d rather try a more eco friendly approach try using a mix of bicarb and vinegar (there is lots of information online about this).  Or if you have the space and equipment you could always use soap all over and hose the rug down outside. Always leave them to dry flat naturally. We have a large rug out in the shop that gets a lot of use and we have used a wet vacuum cleaner with a detergent and it has made a huge difference

Our rugs are dyed and woven by hand in Jaipur by local artisans. See below for pictures of the journey 


Dying the yarn

Weaving the rugs

Each rug is woven by hand on traditional wooden looms