Fabric - Linen - Patchwork Picnic £35 p/m

Fabric - Linen - Patchwork Picnic £35 p/m

Humphries and Begg

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This print Patchwork Picnic is a layering of warm pinks and reds amongst soft blacks and greys. 

The linen has a lovely heavy movement, it drapes beautifully for curtains and works well for upholstery. 

The fabric is the width of the fabric looms.

The design has been digitally printed.  

Linen is a much more sustainable fabric to produce over Cotton as it requires a lot less water to produce. Linen is made from Flax plant and the whole plant is used, meaning there is very little waste.



Fabric Details 

100% Linen

115 cm width 

Print area 113cm


For any questions please email us humphriesandbegghome@gmail.com

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