Charities we support

Each year you, our lovely customers, help us support charities close to our hearts by rounding up your baskets.
We choose a new charity each year, here's a little bit about each one


In 2020 we will be donating to the charity Becky's Bathhouse who help support women and children in Moria – Lesvos largest refugee camp.

becky's bathhouse

The Bathhouse relies entirely on volunteers and donations to offer 30 showers per day to women and children living in refugee camps on Lesvos Island, Greece. 

More can be read here on our blog


In 2019 we managed to raise 

with 455 donations

Thank you so much! 

music4children Humphries and Begg Robbie Humphries

In 2018 Robbie was part of a music festival in Kathmandu, Nepal raising money for a school and children's home just outside the city.
The Children's home was founded by Australian Oz Baylden, he also organised the music festival. Robbie's band went out to visit the school to play for them. Here they are above.. 

We thought a great way of raising some much needed funds for them was to put an optional donation feature on our website, and what a roaring success it has been. 

Each of the donations from 432 of you will go a long way. We will let you know where the funds raised are going to be spent. Nearly £400 will go a long way in Nepal and we are very grateful for your donations.