About Pre-order

What is our pre-order?

Before each season we run a pre-order where we offer our new range to our customers at upto 30% off the final price. Our summer 2021 pre order will run from 8th-31st January

Why do we do this?

It is an excellent way for us to get an idea of numbers - what you like and what's going to sell well and what we should leave behind.

This helps towards higher resource efficiency and reduction of raw material waste. Excellent! 

As a small business it's also great that we can raise some funds upfront to help towards producing the new collection. 

When will I get my clothes?

We are hoping to receive everything in May 2021. Because of the C-19 pandemic we cannot be completely certain as I am sure you can understand. But for now we, and our suppliers are on track. You will get updates through your inbox.

By buying through our pre-order you are commiting to the product. If it is delayed we won't be able to give refunds. If, however, the product isn't right once receiving your item we can, then, accept refunds. Thank you for understanding 🧡