Portrait Three - Photographer Dave Watts in his studio in Castle Cary, Somerset

Portrait Three - Photographer Dave Watts in his studio in Castle Cary, Somerset



Last week we went to visit our great friend, photographer Dave Watts at his studio in the beautiful town of Castle Cary, Somerset. 

Dave shot our last two collections and is warming up to do a third at the end of the month.

He crosses the line from travel to interiors to fashion and shoots an incredible wedding as well.  We would say his talent is capturing people and their characters, a genius eye! 

Not that comfortable with being the other side of the lens, he let Robbie and I try and catch him with the camera. We did have a little helping hand from his fellow studio mate, photographer Sam Pelly.



Where are you now, as you answer these questions?

In our studio in Castle Cary, Somerset. It’s in an old print works, I share it with a couple of other photographers, a film maker, a graphic designer and an artist. 

What do you do?

I’m a freelance photographer

Tell us a bit about you – Do you remember the moment you discovered your skill? Was it a teachers appreciation for it, or did something suddenly click in your head. What age were you?

Developing my first roll of film in the school darkroom was when I fell in love with photography.



Can you tell us three of the most important places you’ve lived, worked or travelled that have lead to you being where you are today.

Living with you both on Portobello Road! Apart from having a very good time it was the perfect place to go for a wonder with a camera, there was always something to photograph. Having worked in adventure travel I got the opportunity to visit some amazing places. Ethiopia was a country I ended up going back to a number of times, it’s a fascinating, beautiful and friendly place. The Himalayas is part of the world I love, I led treks there and a couple of ski trips in Kashmir. A photograph I took on a trip to Iran won a couple of awards and that was the moment I thought maybe I could give photography a go full time. 

When did your unique style develop and how?

 I hope that my work has a unique style! A friend who’s a photographer described my work as having a quietness about it, I’ll take that. 

If you could have your work hanging anywhere or in any publication, where would it be?

A portrait in the national portrait gallery would be pretty excellent. 

Who do you admire the most and why?

There are so many photographers I admire! With instagram the list keeps growing… Don McCullin is a local here in Somerset and is a legend in photography. Photographers that bring a spotlight on the marginalised in society such as Jim Mortram are inspiring. The way Niall McDiarmid uses colour in his portraiture, the beautiful, personal photos of Sian Davey, Rhiannon Adam’s work on Pitcairn Island… There are too many to mention.


Have you any exciting projects on the horizon?

I’m working on an ongoing project that will hopefully one day be a book, Avalon. It’s a documentary project on a mythical place (if that makes sense...) 

Where did you discover us?

I’m an old friend and photograph your collections!

What do you like about H&B clothing?

I love the unique designs, the hand painted look and the colours. They always get lots of compliments! 

Can you describe your dream item of clothing?

You made a sample of an amazing coat which you kindly gave me, I’ve finally worn it out. So another coat just like that one would be perfect. Please! 

If people want to follow you and discover more about you where can they go..

My Instagram is @davewattsphoto and my website is www.wattsdave.com

Favourite track to work to at the moment.

Feel Brand New - Jack Ladder

Dave wears some of our new Autumn winter shirts arriving early next month -Peacock Dash (pic 2 and 3), Bombay Dash (pic 5) and Unisex Tribal Knit (pic 1). He also wears the Triangle on Blue available now (pic 3).