Wool Rug in Flamingo

£ 120.00
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Pink and green vibrant woven wool rug. This design is really fun and would look great in both a modern or traditional house. One of our favourites..

As you can see the tufted version of the Flamingo design comes out a lot softer in palette to the woven. 

Our woven rugs are woven by hand in 100% wool using traditional techniques near Jaipur, India. 

The tufted style are done using a tufted hand gun. 

If you are looking for hand tufted this is also possible, do get in touch if you would prefer this, lead times are about 3 and half months for the hand tufted. 

The production house has been going since the 1980's, founded by two brothers with a dream to produce beautiful rugs. They have a large team of weavers, with a particular focus on empowering women by giving them work and opportunity to earn more, enabling them to support their families. They take good care of the health of their team by setting up health and education programmes for the weavers and their families. By training more individuals with these traditional skills they are keeping these weaving methods alive.       


We can make the rugs in bespoke sizes. We have four standard sizes. 

 Size Dimension in cm
Mini 92 x 63
Runner 60 x 180
Medium 120 x 180
Large 180 x 270