Hand knitted woollen Beret - in 8 colours

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These berets are made in Stroud by Marianne Sweet who has been knitting for more than three decades. She took part in SITE Festival Stroud 2021. Stroud is steeped in a rich textile history. For centuries the 'five valleys' was a thriving area for the wool trade and the woollen history. 

 Made with 100% British wool. The wool by West Yorkshire Spinners Ltd proudly bears the new British Wool logo, a guarantee that it is British to the core from sheep to showroom. The wool selected to make Re:treat comes from a cross breed of Bluefaced Leicester - famous in British hand knitting for its soft handle - and Kerry Hill – renown for its distinctive markings and clean white fleece. It comes in a range of calming and uplifting harmonious shades.

West Yorkshire Spinners source all their own raw material which is then produced into knitting yarn in their state of the art factory based in West Yorkshire. This reduces the carbon footprint of their products and also enables them to manufacture at a very low cost.