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Colour Dreamer a soft array of colourful washes and brush strokes. We chose to digitally print this design so it has an exact representation of our original watercolour design.

The linen has a lovely heavy movement, it drapes beautifully for curtains and works well for upholstery. 

The fabric is the width of the fabric looms.

The design has been digitally printed.  

Linen is a much more sustainable fabric to produce over Cotton as it requires a lot less water to produce. Linen is made from Flax plant and the whole plant is used, meaning there is very little waste.

 It will have all the lovely unique imperfections that you would expect in something handmade. The thread is hand spun and will vary in its thickness throughout, and in the weaving process the threads will be joined by little knots – unseen in uniformed machine made material. 

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To order multiple metres put in one and then go to check out where it will allow you to increase the quantity of metres


Fabric Details 

100% Linen

110 cm width 

Print area 113cm


For any questions please email us humphriesandbegghome@gmail.com